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Welcome to Modern Mannequin.
We specialize in the sale, rental and repair of mannequins. We are currently celebrating our 77th year in business.


The types of mannequins we carry are: Hindsgaul, Rootstein, Cranston, Filoso, Nanasi, Decter, Greneker, Mondo, Pucci, Patina, Nissen and Silvestri. Follow the links on the left to to see some of our inventory.

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Classics & No Longer Made

Face Views

Pose Views

Most of our mannequins are made of fiberglass and are very repairable. They will last for many years with the proper care, unlike the "no-name" brands that are made of a hard plastic.

We do not offer a catalog because our inventory changes daily. Be sure to check our web site regularly to see our new posted inventory. Or fill in the update information at the bottom of this page and we will notify you of new posted items.

Our mannequins were featured in a music video by Dremnt the End, Produced by Jeff Ray Shoots You ... (formerly PaperTank Productions).

Image from Tribeza magazine, "Live & In Person",
Houston | No.74 issue | 09/07
Brian Mitchell and Timber Childress
Photography Phoebe Rourke-Palomo ...

If you are looking for a specific series or number of mannequin, please feel free to call or e-mail and we will check our warehouse.

We have men, women and children mannequins in all shapes and sizes. We carry abstracts as well as realistic. Our prices include a custom made glass or metal base. We also have other interesting items in our forms and accessories page.

Mannequins can be purchased with cash, check, money order, Zelle and PayPal. Ask about our cash discount.

Checks must clear the bank before we will ship.

Welcome to Modern Mannequin

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