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Mannequin Artist

David Costa of Dash-N-Dazzle specializes in the finest quality handcrafted mannequin painting. Meticulously painted by hand in artist's oils; never airbrushed.

Window Designers

Patrick Gerhardt
Personal style, Windows, rentals
and visual display.
Serving Austin, Dallas and
San Antonio, TX

Keith Dillion
Studio City - Los Angeles, CA

Larry Leathers Design Services

My range of creative services includes window display, visual merchandising consulting and styling, prop design and construction plus commercial holiday décor design and installation. I have also done design and fabrication work for private clients, theatre and opera.
This site is a digital portfolio. I invite you to browse through the photos of some of my projects. If you like what you see, please get in touch.

2401 South Ervay, #106
Dallas, TX, 75215

William (Bill) Horton Designs

Bill Horton, Jan Strimple & Sherrie Childress

Bill serves Dallas, Houston, Louisiana area

Texas Home and Living Magazine featured

William Horton of Dallas-based William E. Horton Designs, Inc. is the interior designer responsible for bringing the Mullen’s ideal winter wonderland to life and has worked with the family for over 20 years. “Bill [Horton] is a true artist with great insight into holiday and seasonal décor,” says Mullen. His clients vary from professional sports figures to investment strategists and oil developers who are mostly located in Texas, New York, and Louisiana. “My design philosophy is to keep whatever is applied in the appropriate scale, and most importantly, it should accent rather than detract from the surroundings,” says Horton. “My vision is inspired by the architecture and interior design of the space.”

Mannequin Magic is your complete source for all your mannequin needs. Philip P. Porter: Owner/Artist. Our Spokane, WA based service offers repairs, refurbishing. Just about any finish can be matched, we can do realistic or abstract.


MD Communications- Mike de la Flor is the person who designed our web site.

Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon does not create with mannequins, but if you are looking for a life like sculpture she is a must see.

Alvarez Wax Models - A wonderful client - one of the leading suppliers of Wax Figures in the World. Alvarez designs and creates Bronze sculptures, Latex Collector's Masks, City Monuments/Memorials, sculptures for Film & Television and do work for themed amusement parks.

John Douglas - A new friend, and someone who's art turns up in the most interesting places

Photographers and Technical Talents

Jeff Ray -Truly cinematic moments that are filled with honesty and stay with you long after a film has ended. That is what I will forever strive for in my own work. I am a twenty-seven year old filmmaker living in Austin, TX and credit a viewing of Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan at the age of twelve as my reason for wanting to become a filmmaker.

I’ve directed over 25 music videos and a variety of commercials and just finished writing and directing a short film called

Where the Red Fox Lies https://www.facebook.com/WhereTheRedFoxLies that is currently screening at film festivals the world over. I am currently working on the screenplay for my first feature film.

Now stop reading this boring nonsense and go watch some of my work.

Mannequindisplay.com - Freelance retail photographer of display windows -
James Doiron

Brian Hecht - Treehouse One Interactive - has been instrumental in teaching Sherrie how to update this site. Thanks a million, Brian! See his work at TerraForms.com Brian is also an accomplished photographer.

Phoebe Rourke-Ghaberiel
TRIBEZA Magazine Houston - Sept 2007

News and Features

TRIBEZA Magazine Houston - Sept 2007

We supplied mannequins to the 2007 Balenciaga Exhibit - Meadows Museum on the SMU campus:
First U.S. Balenciaga Exhibition in Two Decades
USA Today - Dallas exhibit looks at legacy of Balenciaga's designs

Mannequin Manufacturers

New York Headquarters and Showroom
205 West 19th Street, New York, 10011
NY Tel (212) 645-2020 Fax (212) 929-0342
Email: ny@rootstein.com

Måløv Byvej 19-23
DK-2760  Måløv
Danmark Tel: +45 44 97 55 11
Fax: +45 44 97 12 75
Email: mannequins@hindsgaul.com

3110 East 12th St. Los Angeles, CA 90023
Tel: (323) 263-9000 Fax: (323) 263-9543
Contact Erik Johnson Email: johne@greneker.com

15650 Salt Lake Ave, City Of Industry, CA 91745 USA Tel: 626-961-2471 Fax: 626-333-6547
New York Showroom 860 Broadway New York, NY 10003 USA Tel: (212) 677-1600 Fax: (212) 677-7273

44 West 18th Street New York NY 10011
Tel (212) 633-0452

Silvestri California
8125 Beach Street Los angeles, CA 90001
Tel: 1-800-647-8874 Fax: (323) 585-0861


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Window by Keith Dillion for Robert Ellis

Photo by James Doiron

Jeff Ray of PaperTank Productions and
Harrell Williams of Dremnt the End

Photo by Phoebe Rourke-Ghaberiel

One of the views at the Balenciaga
exhibit (click on image for larger photo)

Vogue and Valentino - Cocktail Party
photography by P. Larsen
(click on image for WireImage gallery page)

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